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Thread: DiabloCam + DM 7020 = some freeze pixels

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    DiabloCam + DM 7020 = some freeze pixels


    When i use Diablo cam with last Stealth version 1.84 inside on my DM 7020S using last Gemini 3.40 flash, I have sometimes (and frequently) somes freeze screen (these freeze screen take less than 1 second but it is very disturbing)

    Do you have the same thing ?

    May i miss some configuration ?

    Thanks for your help


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    Question Re: DiabloCam + DM 7020 = some freeze pixels


    With stealth version 1.89, always the same problem : hang up and freeze screen during 0.1 second every time and on all channels

    any solution ?
    Help , please Stealth Team

    Tested configuration :
    Diablo cam light with Stealth version 1.89
    Dreambox 7020s with Gemini image version 3.40
    Already tested with Gemini v2.7 and Nabilo Image (same problem)

    However, thanks for your great job


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