Canal+'s Social Player dedicated to unencrypted programmes
Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 14-03-2014
Canal+ Group has launched the Social Player, a new social platform linked to unencrypted programmes that builds content based around the profile and preferences of the user's own community and friends.

The Social Player can be accessed free of charge from the Canal+ homepage on computers and tablets.

This so-called "unprecedented interactive experience" incorporates several functionalities. Personalisation allows users to build a schedule of their favourite programmes identified from the newsfeed of their friends.

The Social Player also includes a feature called 'time comment' offering users the opportunity to react to a specific time in the video, and to direct access to the most commented sequences and take part of discussions.

The experience will be soon extended to smartphones and Canal+ is also making the Social Player available for developers who wish to create or offer third-party applications through an open API system.