TV Connect 2014: ZTE gets on Oregan trail for IP, hybrid technology
Editor | 16-03-2014
Leading IPTV, VOD and mobile systems supplier ZTE has entered into a partnership with Oregan Networks for the delivery of set top box technology components, as well as design and integration expertise for premium hybrid pay-TV projects.

Under the terms of the multi-year product development and marketing alliance on a global basis, the two companies will develop a platform for the delivery of IP-based video and applications, in conjunction with satellite, cable and terrestrial pay-TV services. Beyond ZTE’s traditional offering of network infrastructure components, the platform encompasses CDN, Network PVR, OSS / BSS and what is described as an ‘advanced’ user experience client. It has also been designed to provide capability for simultaneous delivery of premium programming in linear and on-demand modes across broadcast, mobile and fixed line networks.

“The new solution allows ZTE to offer a mature technology platform to the rapidly growing pay-TV markets which are undergoing the next wave of deployments,” explained ZTE Vice President Frank Fang. “Oregan’s proven digital TV software stack and IPR, along with its ability to apply flexible and agile processes to product definition and delivery - are essential for projects where feature evolution is constant”.

Added Mark Perry, CEO Oregan Networks: “ZTE’s rise in the IPTV market has been ambitious and rapid... Our new joint platform enables operators to leverage a proven multi-screen solution that comprises a hugely scalable back-office from ZTE with robust hybrid STB software technology, conditional access and user experience expertise from Oregan. Together Oregan and ZTE are ideally placed to assist operators with next generation multi-screen strategies, whilst consolidating legacy head-end systems and updating existing CPE deployments.”