Hi Folks,

Glad to be back on the forum...

I hope IF any of you could help on this subject.

I purchased a Cryptobox 550HD receiver from an ebayer in Great Britin.
Which includes a C1+ CAM slot card made by "Slylink" Ready.
It's a decrypt CAM slot card for satellite TV. Or use in a PCMCIA
slot on your computer laptop.

With this CAM slot card, you can insert it into the Cryptobox 550HD
receiver, also.

My question is:

What card do I need to decrypt TV channels???
Would it be a card that has a gold chip on one side????
Where can I get a CAM card that would work????
Would I buy a programed card????
Or would I have to program it myself???
I would not know what or which device that would read and writes.
And my computer system has Windows XP Pro.

The ebayer told me IF my US satellites has MPEG2 and MPEG4 or DVBS-2
satellite channels, it should work using the Cryptobox 550HD receiver.

Or in the other hand, should I have chosen the Negravision receiver
with CAM slot card???

I'm pretty new with the CAM slot card, but I heard about it, before.
Never us one or try it out to see it myself.

Hope my inquiry helps for answers.