O2 opts for ADB in Czech IPTV service enhancement

Editor | 17-04-2014

TV software, system and service provider ADB has won the rights to manage a platform upgrade delivering new features to over 130,000 IPTV subscribers of O2 Czech Republic.

The project involves extending the operational life of legacy set-top boxes with a focus on software to deliver enhanced IPTV services. ADB claims that he process it will employ is cost-effective to the point of savings for the telco in the region of millions of Euros.
As well as being the largest integrated telecommunications provider in its market, O2 Czech Republic is the country's largest IPTV provider. It started deploying ADB-3800 hybrid IPTV HD set-top boxes eight years ago and re-hired on the basis of it demonstrating that it could cost-effectively enhance O2's pay-TV services by extending the operator's original investment in its set-top box estate, which was first deployed in 2006.
ADB provided specialist software and systems integration services to help O2 migrate more than 130,000 IPTV subscribers from Alcatel-Lucent MiViewTV middleware to the nangu.tv platform. The new software was automatically installed on all subscribers' set-top boxes allowing users to take advantage of new features including time shifting, remote recording and a new user interface.
The software migration started in September 2013 and has just been completed. O2 says that the introduction of the new platform, O2 TV, contributed to a 10% year-on-year increase in new subscriptions by 31st December 2013. "Although we had traditionally thought of ADB as a hardware provider, over recent years we have come to recognise [the supplier's expertise in] software, services and systems integration," revealed David Duron, Marketing Director at O2 with responsibility for consumer services. "ADB's team [ensured a] smooth transition for our subscribers but also delivered creative ideas and value-added services."