Live TV kicking strongly as ever in face of online, mobile channels

Joseph O'Halloran | 17-04-2014

Many say that TV has been totally transformed by the availability of catch-up and PVR services on mobile and online channels, but an Imposes survey has found that live TV retains its iron grip on viewing.

According to the Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange, as many as 86% of those who watch TV indicate they usually watch TV programming live, compared with just over a quarter (27%) streaming or downloading from a computer (27%), 16% streaming from the Internet to TV, 16% using a DVR or other recording device attached to a TV, and 11% on mobile devices.
The poll of 15,551 adults in 20 countries also found that traditional live TV watching is significantly more popular among respondents ages 50-64 (91%) compared with those 35-49 (88%) and under 35 (81%). Those most likely to choose watching TV programming on live TV are from France (93%), Spain (93%), Germany (92%), Turkey (90%), Argentina (89%), Sweden (89%) and Australia (89%).
Other modes of watching TV programming are more popular among younger respondents. For viewing on a computer and laptop the breakdown was under 35s, 35%, 25% for 35-49s and 17% for those 50-64; streaming from the Internet under 35 (20%), 35-49 (16%), 50-64 (11%); on mobile device under 35 (15%), 35-49 (10%), 50-64 (5%). Using a DVR or other recording device attached to a TV is most popular with those 50-64 (18%) compared to 35-64 (16%) and under 35 (15%).
With 52% of viewers, China was the only country where the majority of viewers indicated that watched TV on a computer or laptop. It was followed by Russia (43%), Turkey (42%), India (40%), Sweden (35%), South Korea (31%) and the UK (29%). Streaming from the Internet to TV is most popular among those in Turkey (44%), Russia (36%), China (33%), South Korea (25%), India (23%), Sweden (19%) and UK (17%). Those who most likely to use a DVR or other recording devices attached to a TV are from Japan (45%), the United States (40%), Canada (32%), UK (31%), South Africa (27%) and Australia (25%).
With its tradition of innovation in deploying high speed wireless networks, especially LTE, it was no surprise perhaps to see South Korea took a lead in mobile TV viewing, clocking in with just over a quarter (26%) of viewers. The chasing pack was headed by China (25%), India (21%), Turkey (20%), Mexico (13%), UK (12%) and Sweden (12%).