LCD TV market set for uptick

Editor | 19-04-2014

A marked spec shift in TV panels is being attributed with bringing hope to currently depressed prices according to new research from TrendForce.

Indeed the survey by TrendForce’s panel research division WitsView showed that in the key 32-42”sector, panel prices increased by $1–3 while the 46-55” panel segment showed narrowed price drops in April 2014.
The analyst noted that as the overall LCD TV brands’ panel and set inventory remained healthy, and with Korean TV brands’ strategic replenishment and Chinese panel restock getting influential, the set and panel distribution has begun to advance. The research predicted that LCD TV brands’ shipments in Q2 2014 will amount to 60.4 million units, rising 7-8% quarter-on-quarter and 3% -year-on-year, higher than expected.
“The TV market outlook relies on if Chinese top six brands and Korean brands can effectively control TV set and panel inventory,” commented WitsView Research Director Burrell Liu. “ If Korean and Chinese brands continue to restock aggressively, the risk of sudden collapse of panel prices in mid-Q3 will surge significantly.”
WitsView added that LCD TV brands will conduct inventory adjustment in Q2 but that panel prices will maintain their price level before an upcoming peak season in Q3. The analyst also expects that developments of new sizes 43” and 39.5”, MMG products, curved TV panels and new and large 4K2K panels of the LCD TV panel capacity will continue after mid-July 2014, when brands prepare for replenishment. It also expressed some confidence that the panel industry may see signs in price increases before the 2H’14 peak season coming.