I bought a Cryptobox 550HD from an ebayer in Great Britin,
just for the TEST of it.

Does anyone here have a firmware or saellite channel list file
to download and to falsh it with a USB stick drive???
It doesn't have the list of U.S. Satellites. ALL it listed of
United Kingdom satellites. Or Europiean satellites.

It does have regions settings, such as NTSC.
Funny, no U.S. satellites, such as Galaxy satellites,
AMC satellites, Echostar satellites, and etc. Mostly
Intalsat satellites on the other side of the world.

Here's the link to U.S. satellites on Lyngsat.


Can anyone tell me whether does this Cryptobox 550HD
support Closed Captioned for the Deaf and hearing impaired,
like myself.

The Cryptobox 550 also has a unique sapce for a CAM slot card.
You can insert or remove the CAM smart card slot.
It also receives MPEG4 satellite channels. That's what I heard.
And it should work around the world. Well, where are U.S. satellites??

Hope I get any answrs in this forum.