Hispasat investigates problem with Amazonas A4
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 22-04-2014
The Amazonas A4 satellite, which was recently launched to reinforce Hispasat's network for Latin America before the Brazilian World Cup, is experiencing problems which the Spanish company and builder Orbital are currently investigating.

Amazonas A4 was launched a few weeks ago from the European space base in Kourou, French Guyana, after several delays. According to Hispasat, the satellite is safe and stable in its geostationary orbit, where all the tests will be carried out.

An anomaly has been detected in the power system and both Hispasat and Orbital say this will be able to be repaired.

The Spanish company, which has recently made great financial commitments to consolidate its position in the Latin American market, says the economic impact of this issue is minor. Hispasat's current services for the region won't be affected, as there is a contingency plan set up for such cases.

Hispasat launched Amazonas A4 at the end of March, in what it was the third attempt - the launch was initially scheduled for 6 November 2013. On board an Arianne 5 rocket, the satellite was launched together with the SES Astra 5B.