Series drive pay-TV to overtake FTA in Uruguay
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 22-04-2014
Uruguayans prefer to watch pay-TV than free-to-air (FTA), according to the latest report from Data/Media.

This situation has radically changed over recent years, mostly due to audience loyalty to various productions, especially TV series, says the report.

This is the first time in Uruguay that higher consumption of pay-TV than FTA has been recorded. According to Hábitos de Mirar y Audiencias de TV Abierta, Uruguayans spend three hours 50 minutes per day in front of TV, of which two hours ten minutes is dedicated to pay-TV channels.

The change of audience habits - which Data/Media compares to figures from four years ago - has several causes. Firstly, pay-TV penetration has increased from 51% in 2006 to the current 68%, which has certainly helped to expand the pay-TV audience.

But for the Uruguayan consultancy firm, viewers' loyalty to certain networks and productions has had a bigger influence on the figures.

While series channels such as Warner and HBO are among the favourite networks for Uruguay's pay-TV users, VTV and TV Ciudad are the viewers' favourite national channels.

The preference for pay-TV is especially strong among younger viewers - with viewers over 50 still preferring FTA - and in the capital metropolitan area of Montevideo, where the pay-TV penetration is higher than the rest of the country.