Stingray put on ICE
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 22-04-2014
Costa Rica's telco ICE has announced it will add Stingray Digital's channels to its pay-TV portfolio. The largest cable operator in the country will so offer its clients 50 premium music channels from the Canadian company.

"This agreement allows Stingray to continue reinforcing its presence in Central America, one of the regions with the fastest growing and biggest potential for the entertainment industry," said Gustavo Tonelli, Stingray's CEO for Latin America. "The deal also confirms the company's position as a strategic partner for pay-TV operators."

The Canadian provider has been following an ambitious expansion plan since the beginning of the year, when it purchased Mood Media's Latin America DMX Media. Thanks to this acquisition, Stingray became one of the world's largest providers with more than 100 million subscriptions throughout 113 countries.

DMX provided a large customer's base in Central America, a base which Stingray has lately been increasing. For instance, the Montreal-based company took its 50-channel portfolio to Colombia's ETB last month.

In addition to Canada, Stingray has offices in Los Angeles, Miami, London and Tel Aviv. It is owned by Telesystem, Novacap and Boyko Investment Corporation.

Stingray's music platform targets both individual clients and companies, serving content to music and video providers such as Galaxie, Music Choice International and Karaoke Channel.