Online video not flying high in Spain
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 23-04-2014
Online video consumption doesn't seem to be taking off in Spain, according to the latest survey results from EGM. From January to March, only 20.5% of Spanish people used the Internet to watch series, films and TV, even fewer than registered in previous years.

Online video consumption reached 25.8% in 2012, falling last year to 22.4% and 21.8% in the first and second half respectively.

The Spanish population prefers using the Internet to send messages (79.5%), check email (78.2%) and visit social networks (60.9%). The use of mobile apps has increased during the past year, however, from 18.9% at the beginning of 2013 to 32%.

Despite the low rate of video consumption, video and TV sites are among the most visited. Unsurprisingly, YouTube comes top with nearly 20.3 million visits a month. Antena3tv is fourth, with 2.6 million visitors, is in sixth place with 1.8 million and is eighth with 1.7 million.

Looking at the general figures, over 68% of Spanish people use the Internet regularly, giving an online population of more than 27 million people. Half of these users are between 24-44, with younger age groups representing over 20%.