TVE goes after La Roja rights
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 23-04-2014
TVE has offered around 1% of its entire budget to purchase the broadcasting rights to the Spanish national football team matches for the next four years in a move which has not been welcomed by private TV companies.

According to Europa Press, the public network has offered nearly €40 million for the rights to UEFA Euro 2016 and the World Cup 2018. Mediaset and Atresmedia are also involved in the bid, although they are apparently not offering anywhere near this amount.

The debate generated around TVE's offer has even reached the Spanish Parliament, where the network's president, Leopoldo González-Echenique, has been explaining TVE's intentions. González-Echenique has not revealed concrete figures, but has said that the offer won't be more than 1% of the network's whole budget.

The budget of TVE is around €1,000 million a year, which would mean around €10 million per season could be paid for La Roja matches over the next four years. This means that TVE would spend nearly €2 million to broadcast each game of the national team.

UTECA, the organisation of private channels in Spain, says that this move would not to be fair as it considers TVE is using public money to offer a price higher than the private networks are able to offer.