U-max seeks ultraHD TV content as Korea notches world first
Rebecca Hawkes | 24-04-2014
South Korea's U-max, the first broadcaster to go live with next-generation ultra high definition (UHD) TV, intends to secure 200 hours of programming this year and invest KRW40 billion (US$38.5 million) into obtaining more UHD content by 2016.

U-max began broadcasting four hours of UHD programming five times a day at the beginning of April, offering images that have four times the clarity of current HD formats. It is now considering broadcasting the FIFA World Cup in Brazil and the Asian Games in Incheon in UHD.

"We started broadcasting in ultraHD for the first time worldwide, after a test run last July," said Choi Mun-Kee, South Korea's Minister of Science, ICT & Future Planning, at an event at the International Convention Centre Jeju to mark the beginning of ultra HD broadcasts. "This will affect related areas, including electronics and equipment makers, as well as the content industry."

The cable TV industry also plans to spend KRW650 billion ($624.7 million) to build related infrastructure by 2017, according to Inside Korea. UHD TV set-top boxes will be supplied to Korean consumers in the second half of 2014 but for now those with integrated decoders in UHD TV sets will reportedly be able to view the content.