Spain's aims to change prime time slot
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 24-04-2014
The Spanish Government wants the country's prime time TV slot to finish at around 11pm due to concerns from the Ministry of Health that Spanish people sleep less than they should.

Currently, most channels air their news programmes between 9pm and 10pm, broadcasting shows and series afterwards. Many of these programmes finish after 12pm, which, Spain's Minister of Health, Ana Mato, considers as being too late.

The Minister recently had a meeting with Alejandro Echevarría, the president of UTECA – the association of private TV networks – to discuss the proposal. The Government argues that Spanish TV times are later than the rest of Europe, which points to the need for time rationalisation.

Without any concrete plan, the meeting concluded with both parts agreeing that a change of habits is necessary, so that work, family and leisure time can be properly combined. Echevarría will take the Ministry's proposal to the next UTECA assembly.