TV TEM upgrades broadcast vehicles ahead of World Cup
Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 25-04-2014
TV Globo regional affiliate TV TEM is to kit OB vans and motorcycles for both the TV TEM Sorocaba and TV TEM São José do Rio Preto television stations, in order to better cover the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The equipment is from Integrated Microwave Technologies, part of Vitec Group's Videocom division, and was facilitated through Videodata, a Brazilian systems integrator and equipment supplier.

"We chose IMT's digital microwave equipment because we have confidence in its Nucomm and RF Central brands, in addition to the local support provided by IMT and Videodata," said TV TEM networking engineering manager Ewerton Maciel. "We also have had a great track record with Nucomm over the past 20 years. We plan on debuting our brand new IMT-equipped vehicles in our coverage of several 2014 FIFA World Cup teams, including Japan, Russia, Honduras and Algeria."

IMT's Nucomm Compact Portable Tx-II (CPTx-II) RF video transmitters and microLite HD transmitters will be used to create fully-functional motorcycle news vehicles. Two Nucomm Newscaster VT7.4 HD/SD ENG/SNG/OB Van Transmitters will be used to expand on its traditional electronic newsgathering (ENG) operations along with two RF Central RMR-X6-II digital diversity receivers. As a previous IMT customer, TV TEM has already deployed IMT's ChannelMaster into its Rio Preto station.

"TV TEM's large purchase of IMT gear is a clear sign of the network's commitment to providing its viewers with the broadest and very best in regional coverage," said IMT divisional CEO Stephen Shpock. "We are excited about TV TEM's purchase and look forward to working with Videodata in the deployment of our gear into the field."

IMT's CPTx-II is a lightweight RF video transmitter that delivers HD/SD output at up to eight Watts in 2k DVB-T COFDM mode. The CPTx-II is geared for covering motorcycle and bicycle races, marathons, triathlons and other fast-paced, high-speed ENG/OB events using such smaller on-course vehicles as cars, motorcycles and even bicycles.

The RF Central VClip microLite HD Transmitter (VMLT) is a compact wireless camera video transmitter that mounts on the end of the cameras between a plate and any V-mount battery, a widely used mounting option for the industry's leading professional cameras. The V-mount option is integrated on both sides of the VMLT transmitter, allowing the transmitter to be mounted to the camera, then the battery to be mounted to the transmitter. As a result, the battery can be used to power up the transmitter and pass power through to the camera. With its compact, clamshell design, the VMLT is made for a variety of mobile applications, including live sports events, reality TV productions, ENG/OB broadcast and video assist.