Mexico's Megacable deploys Harmonic headend
Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 25-04-2014
Megacable, one of the largest cable TV providers in Mexico, has deployed an integrated headend solution from Harmonic to power the standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) video content for set-top boxes (STBs) located in more than 110 cities throughout Mexico.

The architecture includes Harmonic's Electra 9200 universal multiservice encoder, ProStream 9100 with ACE high-density stream processor and NMX Digital Service Manager video network management solution.

"Prior to this installation, we were managing a variety of diverse headends around the country, which made it challenging to provide a consistent channel line-up and good video quality to our customers," said Emerson Sampaio, CTO at Megacable. "Through a unified headend, Harmonic's unique video processing and network management solutions improve our operational efficiencies, allowing us to deliver exceptional video quality, uniform channel line-up, and more quickly roll out new channels and revenue-generating services."

Megacable has consolidated the more than 110 headends situated in cities across its service area down to two main headends – located in Guadalajara and Veracruz – which feed approximately 20 regional headends. From the Guadalajara headend, Harmonic's Electra 9200 encoders provide low-bandwidth MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC encoding of SD and HD video content for Megacable's television services.

"Our customers in Latin America are realising the dramatic impact that a unified headend can have on their business," said Alvaro Martin, managing director of sales for Latin America at Harmonic. "The installation at Megacable is a great example of the operational efficiencies, reduced expenses, and improved video quality that an integrated infrastructure solution from Harmonic brings to the table."

Harmonic's ProStream 9100 stream processors with DiviTrackIP technology work with the Electra encoders across a LAN or WAN, allowing for efficient management of the encoders' statmux pools. Leveraging DiviTrackIP, the Electra supports up to 64 channels per statmux pool, providing Megacable with a high-density solution that reduces the operator's capital and operating expenses.

In addition to the Electra encoders, Megacable has deployed Harmonic's ProStream 9100 with ACE in its backup headend in Veracruz. The ProStream 9100 with ACE performs transcoding of 60 SD or 20 HD MPEG-2 and AVC broadcast channels, further increasing Megacable's operational efficiencies and cost savings. In addition, the ProStream 9100 features enhanced socket redundancy capabilities that enable triggering of Megacable's disaster recovery site based on a set of pre-defined conditions.

The NMX Digital Service Manager video network management solution supplies a set of tools for monitoring and managing Megacable's cable TV services.