Ads drive growth for Atresmedia
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 25-04-2014
Spain's Atresmedia has gained 43.8% of the TV ad market during Q1 2014, which has driven a growth in its net profit and EBITDA.

The media group has topped audience figure charts over recent months, with a 30% share among all its channels.

Atresmedia has tripled its profit compared to same period last year, increasing earnings to 3.3 million. This is the result of an EBITDA growth of 55.3%, reaching 12.5 million compare to 8 million in Q1 2013.

These positive figures revealed by the company are due to a significant increase in income, mostly due to the slow recovery of the Spanish advertising sector. Atresmedia invoiced 204.4 million in Q1, up 3.6% on last year, while the TV market grew 0.2% during first three months of 2014.

Although the Spanish advertising industry is not showing solid growth, the largest media companies are starting to notice some recovery. According to Infoadex, Atresmedia has concentrated 43.8% of advertising investment in TV in Q1 due to its leadership among the free-to-air (FTA) networks.

During the past few months, the group has achieved its highest audience share since Antena 3 and laSexta merged. While Antena 3 keeps running a close race with Mediaset's Telecinco for first place, laSexta has a stable position as the third most watched private FTA network.