Huge completion rates for mobile video
Editor | 25-04-2014
The first-ever Mobile Video Benchmark Study by The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has clearly revealed the strength of the mobile platform as a source of advertising.

The survey by the global trade association for the mobile industry sought to provide mobile video performance insights to advertisers, agencies, publishers and third-party video servers for the first time with a set of click-through rates (CTRs) for different kinds of mobile video ads. These were designed to be used as benchmarks by the industry to gauge the relative performance of different campaigns, platforms and ad types.

Principally, the survey revealed a very high completion rate (90+%) for mobile video. Using CTR as an initial proxy for engagement for mobile video was found to be 'very strong', with CTR ranging from 1.41% to 2.66% depending on the ad format. Results were regarded as robust even for skippable video advertising despite the option for viewers to bypass ads. Click rates for ads longer than 30 seconds tended to be lower than shorter-length units both for both skippable and non-skippable ads. Completion rates peaked during those hours, and the same holds for phone CTRs, suggesting said the MMA a much deeper engagement. The study also revealed that mobile video ad engagement, like other forms of advertising, declines with excessive ad frequency.

"[The] Mobile Video Benchmarking Study validates that mobile video is beyond the tipping point. We are seeing new behaviours and attitudes develop as mobile becomes validated as the real first screen," said Greg Stuart, CEO, MMA. "It's becoming clearer to us daily that mobile video is proving to be a very powerful tool for marketers to tap into the biggest transformation marketing has ever experienced."