Netflix announces US cable TV channel deals
Editor | 25-04-2014
Just as it has done in Europe with the likes of Com Hem and Virgin Media, over-the-top (OTT) leader Netflix has become available as a dedicated channel for cable providers in the US.

While Atlantic Broadband, RCN Telecom Services and Grande Communications could be considered surprisingly small for the ambitions of a company that has transformed the video market and which showed a spike in subs in its last financial report, the move will be regarded as just the first in a strategy to make inroads into the whole US cable arena through TiVo set-top boxes. Indeed it is widely predicted that Comcast will be the first major US cable provider to offer Netflix as a channel.

The cable companies, though, are no strangers to boosting the breadth of their respective TiVo estate. In February 2014, RCN became the first cable operator in its region to launch the Opera TV store on TiVo DVRs. The Opera TV Store uses a cloud platform to deliver a wide range of HTML5-based apps and OTT content to various devices, including TiVo DVRs.