Arqiva in Italian distribution deal

April 25, 2014 10.38 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Arqiva dishArqiva has announced a new agreement with LT Televisioni to distribute Italian language content across Europe and North Africa.

The three-year contract provides LT Multimedia with satellite capacity for distribution of four TV channels including Alice, which focus on Italian cuisine and cooking; Nuvolari, a channel dedicated to motorsport; Marco Polo, with a focus on travel; and Leonardo, a channel devoted to home furnishings and design.

LT Multimedia will provide Arqiva with one single MPTS (Multi-Protocol Transport Service) stream that contains four video channels. It will be encoded and transmitted from LT Multipmedia’s premises in Rome via Arqiva’s UK-based teleports and uplinked to Eutelsat’s Hotbird satellite neighbourhood.

David Crawford, Managing Director of Satellite & Media at Arqiva, said: “We’re excited to have a new customer in LT Multimedia. This new contract re-enforces our commitment to continued growth in the European market and reflects our reputation for providing our customers with a dedicated and high quality service.”

Corrado Azzolini, Vice President of LT Multimedia added: “We believe that the wide distribution of our brands, including content showcasing the production of Italian food, home design and sport, through Arqiva is highly strategic. Alice channel for example, promotes and entertains the best of Italian lifestyle. Soon this channel will be available in English as well, to reach as wide an audience as possible. The agreement with Arqiva for the LT Group is an important step in our international development.”