US cable-based mobile consumption hits three-year high
Editor | 26-04-2014
The quantity of film-based content on US basic cable hit a three-year high in 2013, accounting for nearly 15% of all airtime in 2013, up from 14% in 2011, says a new IHS Technology report.

That said, the analyst found in its Movies on Basic Cable report, 2013 report that fewer unique movies were broadcast in 2013 compared with the previous three years, indicating that films were being rerun more than ever before.

Fox was the content leader with a total of 89,623 hours of movie content was shown on US basic cable in 2013, representing an increase of 1,180 hours from 88,443 from 2011, and accounting for nearly 6.5% of all movie airtime in 2013. Fox and second–placed Warner were the top two producers of movies on basic cable by a wide margin, and, suggested the analyst, likely to remain in the lead for some time to come. The two studios secured their lead by having the luxury of outputting their content on owned dedicated movie networks: Fox Movie Channel and Turner Classic Movies.

Both of rivals Viacom and Comcast/NCBU do not have a movie channel on basic cable but field movies to their properties and non-owned networks—to Comedy Central and Syfy for Viacom and AMC Networks for Comcast/NCBU.

Airtime percentage for movies on basic cable remained nearly the same as in 2011, at roughly 14% and total airtime is projected to be even higher, representing an increase in both movie hours and airtime share. Comedy was the genre of choice in both 2012 and 2013, beating drama, which had accounted for the largest number of hours in 2011.

"Cable networks are seeing the benefit of airing movies that get better non-primetime ratings than some TV shows during the same time slots," said Erik Brannon, senior IHS analyst for television media. "Drawing in viewers during non-primetime hours is proving valuable, especially during the summer months when more people are at home during the day."