Demandbase launches B2B video advertising
Editor | 27-04-2014
B2B targeting and personalisation solutions provider Demandbase has enhanced its core marketing platform with the ability to run YouTube-based video advertising campaigns.

Demandbase B2B Video Advertising is powered with a proprietary real-time bidding (RTB) platform, which was built to optimise B2B advertising and is offered to clients through a subscription model. The new functionality builds upon existing cross-channel display and retargeting solutions, which are claimed to have increased the company's revenue from its advertising online video solution 453% and with the B2B Video Advertising software, Demandbase says B2B marketers have a greater depth of inventory to programmatically target specific companies wherever they are online, on any device they use, with zero waste.

"Businesses have invested hundreds of millions dollars to develop video assets that help them attract and engage business buyers online, but most have been unsuccessful at generating the anticipated pay-off outside of the occasional click on their website," commented Demandbase CEO Chris Golec. "By enabling marketers to target and re-target specific companies or business audiences with video, we are the first to deliver ads with even greater context than with display-only campaigns, helping to accelerate the B2B sales cycle and dramatically increase the ROI of their advertising campaigns."