Spanish advertising market shows signs of recovery
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 27-04-2014
Spain's projected recovery for the advertising sector has not appeared yet, but several signs point to it happening eventually. TV, the Internet and cinema are, for the moment, the only media platforms showing growth in Q1 2014.

The general figures published by Arce Media in its I2P report show a 1.3% drop in advertising investment compared with the same period last year. But the agency foresees growth in the coming months and says the market will be growing by 1.7% by the end of the year.

Since January, investments in TV have grown 1.1%, from 406.2 million in 2013 to 410.7. Driven by the country's largest TV networks and producers, the TV market currently gathers 49.3% of the whole advertising business.

The Internet has also shown 1.2% growth during the first months of the year, although its digits are much lower than TV. 94 million has been invested so far in advertising on the Internet, while 92.9 million was spent last year.

The report shows as well that fewer brands are investing in Spain's advertising market, but they are spending more money. While in 2013 2,092 brands advertised in TV, 1,941 have been on the screen since January. Nevertheless, every brand is investing an average of 211,600, while last year they spent an average of 194,191.