Saudi Arabia considers YouTube regulation
Rebecca Hawkes | 28-04-2014
Saudi Arabia is exploring the regulation of locally-produced YouTube content, according to an official for the General Authority for Audiovisual Media.

Riyadh Najm, told the Associated Press on Sunday (27 April) that YouTube content producers will possibly require government-issued licences, however at the moment there is no "clear way yet to implement this ... It is all under study."

Najm's agency, which operates under the Ministry of Culture and Information, is looking to find ways to manage the Kingdom's YouTube content and to respect the Muslim ethos of the country, rather than stifling online creativity, he said.

YouTube's parent company Google has not commented on the reports. However, YouTube says that Saudi users watch more YouTube content per capita than any other country in the world. In October 2013, the average Saudi user watched three times as many videos per day than their US counterpart.