YOU Cinema OTT coming to Xiaomi Boxes
Michelle Clancy | 29-04-2014
YOU On Demand Holdings' YOU Cinema movie subscription service has made its commercial debut on the Xiaomi over-the-top (OTT) set-top box (STB).

The move is part of a previously announced distribution deal with China Network Television's (CNTV) subsidiary, Future TV which, operating under CNTV's Internet TV broadcasting control licence, provides OTT television services to millions of Chinese consumers who receive the service on either their Internet-enabled television sets or OTT STBs. The YOU Cinema movie service is being made available first to all Xiaomi Box users and will soon be expanded to cover other Future TV authorised OTT devices and Internet-enabled TVs.

Xiaomi is a mobile phone and OTT device manufacturer who has sold over 40 million phones and more than one million Xiaomi OTT boxes during the past 12 months in the country.

YOU Cinema is a paid movie subscription service offering subscribers either a monthly or annual subscription package of movie library titles curated from YOU On Demand's numerous Hollywood studio partnerships. A transactional component that offers newer movie titles for one-off purchases will be added to the YOU Cinema service in the near future, the company said.

"We are very pleased with the smooth rollout of our YOU Cinema service on one million Xiaomi Boxes and are very much encouraged by the active adoption of our service by younger Chinese consumers who continue to embrace OTT services," said Weicheng Liu, CEO of YOU On Demand. "We are honoured to partner with Future TV and are looking forward to reaching their expanding consumer base as they continue partnering with more OTT terminal manufacturers."