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Thread: MR1.180 or other

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    MR1.180 or other

    Dear all,
    I know it`s old but I still use 1.180 with my Technomate TM5500CI Receiver. I used to update it via the PCMica slot in my computer. I don`t see this MR1.180 mentioned. I know TP* will work only a day with an updated file but which one to use?
    Is there also an updated MR1.180 file upade each day?
    Thanks guys. I`m getting a bit fed up of watching 1 minutes worth of tv then 20 minutes of scrammbled!

    Also. What cam would work in my receiver and could I update in my computer with my PCMIca adaptor like I did do with my MR?
    Cheers guys.


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    Re: MR1.180 or other

    The support of this MODUL are very low, because it is no more actual.
    You have to update your hardware to got new facilitys without problems.
    I recomad you for example a DREAMBOX receiver with a strong IMAGE.

    Good luck

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