DirecTV launches EuroAmerican Cup for 2014
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 29-04-2014
In case there's not enough football on TV this year, DirecTV is organising the EuroAmerican Cup directly after the World Cup, when selected teams will play the tournament in Colombia, Mexico and the US.

Atlético de Madrid and AS Monaco will be representing Europe, while Junior de Barranquilla, Atlético Nacional, América de México and the San José Earthquakes will represent America. DirecTV expects to add more teams to the tournament, which will take place between 20 July and 2 August.

"It's a good opportunity for Latin American fans to see their local teams playing against the world's best," said Alfonso Noain, sports marketing director at DirecTV.

In addition to the confirmed countries and teams, the network intends to take the tournament to Chile, Brazil and Peru. As in previous editions, each winner will achieve a point for its continent.

DirecTV will be promoting the Cup through social network sites. Last year's edition was trending on 23 occasions and was named 2,300 times in 143 different countries.