Technicolor pre-sells animated comedy series to France Télévisions
Editor | 29-04-2014
Media and entertainment sector technology provider Technicolor has announced a pre-sale deal with terrestrial channel France Télévisions for its children's animated series Atomic Puppet.

The series, which will premiere in France on Disney XD, is a co-production between Technicolor, Canada's Mercury Filmworks and France's Gaumont Animation. The partners are working on 52x11 minute episodes of the series to air on the France 4 channel in 2016, and France Télévisions adds to a customer list for the programme which includes TELETOON in Canada as well as other Disney XD territories.

"We have an unparalleled creative and production team working on Atomic Puppet, which is reflected in the quality of the production and entertainment value of the series," commented Technicolor vice president Steven Wendland. "It is a testament to the combined efforts of Technicolor and our production partners, Mercury Filmworks and Gaumont Animation, that France Télévisions shares our enthusiasm for Atomic Puppet and are eager to debut this hilarious new series to their young audiences."

Added Pierre Siracusa, head of animation, France Télévisions: "We are always on the lookout for truly unique, creative animated comedy series. We think we have found it in Atomic Puppet, a high octane, funny and refreshing series that we believe will resonate with the audience of France 4."