Cable TV operators combine for China's next gen R&D effort
Rebecca Hawkes | 01-05-2014
A major cooperation agreement has been signed in China between six leading cable TV operators – namely Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary, Guangdong Broadcast & TV Network, Tianjin Broadcast & TV Network, Hebei Broadcasting and Television Information Network, Yunnan Broadcast & TV Information Transmission Network, and Wasu Digital TV.

Under the terms of the agreement, the cable operators will collaborate on expanding China's use of next generation broadcast services, such as cross platform and cross device development, according to the Marbridge Daily.

The tie-up will enhance China's network convergence plan, and help form a next generation broadcast trial platform, develop technical standards and construct a nationwide interactive Internet TV network. In addition, the agreement will explore business models for content providers and operators, as well as support services for video-on-demand development.