BesTV, Microsoft to launch Xbox One in China
Rebecca Hawkes | 02-05-2014
Microsoft's Xbox One is set to launch in China in September after a 14 year-long ban on entertainment consoles due to concerns for children's mental wellbeing.

It is thought the ban is being lifted because Xbox One enables not only video gaming, but also entertainment, online education and fitness.

"Launching Xbox One in China is a significant milestone for us and for the industry, and it's a step forward in our vision to deliver the best games and entertainment experiences to more fans around the world," said Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing and strategy officer for Xbox.

The Shanghai Media Group subsidiary BesTV will work with Microsoft – with whom it already has a joint venture called E-Home Entertainment – to launch the console. BesTV has access to local content, a large number of existing IPTV users, and marketing and distribution expertise in China.

Microsoft's Enwei Xie will lead Xbox China as general manager, who will be working to lure a potential 500 million gamers to purchase the console.