Imagine unveils Xenio workflow manager
Michelle Clancy | 02-05-2014
Imagine Communications has unveiled the Xenio workflow manager, a software engine that enables broadcasters and pay-TV service providers to design, deploy and manage software-defined workflows.

"Xenio is a significant component of our software-defined workflow roadmap, providing a framework that will serve as the underlying architecture for expanding Imagine Communications' enterprise business software, playout automation and networking portfolio, while providing key workflow building blocks," said Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications. "Our software-defined approach allows media broadcast and service providers to change the workflow sequence, tasks and timing on the fly with ease. This creates a more flexible development environment that will accelerate service velocity by enabling users to introduce new technology and service offerings, advancing their networks faster and smarter."

The modular Xenio architecture provides technologies as service-enabling components – from media functions like encoding and packaging to business-oriented functionality such as analytics and automated intelligence – enabling custom-developed functionality and integration of new technologies as they emerge and evolve. With a flexible architecture and graphical design interface that allow control of which technologies are used in workflows, Xenio can enable optimised resource utilisation while helping to eliminate unnecessary workflow steps.

"Today's networks and media processing pipelines are an amalgam of technologies, products and processes that create significant operational challenges for customers," said Brick Eksten, vice president of product development for Xenio at Imagine. "Xenio's leading-edge capabilities are based on advanced software principles and technologies that integrate naturally with our customers' IT systems and business processes. Adopting Xenio to power an increasing array of workflow processes will provide our customers with all of the cost reduction and operational benefits of a standardised platform while streamlining workflow design and implementation. We look forward to working with customers and partners to build on this next generation of agile workflow management."