Globovisión accused of censor, journalist resigns
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 02-05-2014
Venezuela's Globovisión has been accused by one of its own journalists of censoring an interview with Nobel Prize-winner Vargas Llosa, after he was asked about Hugo Chavez.

The journalist, Shirley Varnagy, was the host of an interview show on Globovisión. But on Tuesday (28 April) her interview with the Peruvian writer was taken off air and replaced by the network's news programme just as Llosa was going to answer a question about the country's politics.

The channel said that this was due to technical problems, but according to Varnagy, internal sources confirmed that the interview was deliberately taken off air. The network's decision has driven the journalist to resign, announcing her decision on Twitter.

Until last year, Globovisión was one of the private channels on which Venezuela's political opposition had a voice. But ten months ago, the network was purchased by a capital group which is close to the Government. Since then, over 50 journalists have quitted, protesting against what they consider is a lack of freedom of the press.