Spain's FTTH R launches multiscreen service
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 04 May 2014
Spain's northern regional cable operator R is to launch a multiscreen service. The platform is working in beta test for the moment and includes, without extra cost for the R subscribers, up to 19 channels of the pay-TV service.

The service is based on the operator's fibre network and data capacity. The multiscreen platform offers different video resolutions, and a connection of at least 2Mbps is needed.

The platform has been launched for computers and some smartphones, although it will be adding more smart and mobile devices before launching the final version. It has also some limitations, as it only allows 5 simultaneous connections and the usage time out of the home connection is limited.

Before the official launch, R said it will also add the Rebobina functions, a catch-up service available in the regular pay-TV platform. inShare0