FilmoTV launches VOD on Freebox platform

May 4, 2014 22.03 Europe/London By Robert Briel

filmotv on FreeHubee has been selected by FilmoTV, the French SVOD provider, to launch its Movie on-demand platform on the Free IPTV service in France.

Hubee and FilmoTV have consolidated their relationship, which began in 2011 with the release of FilmoTV VOD/SVOD offer on smart TVs from Samsung, LG and Philips, as well as the hosting of the entire platform (online video, connected TV, companion devices and game consoles).

FilmoTV offers all viewers usage of the FilmoCloud. Once the userís account is synchronised with the Freebox account, the viewer will find all their favourite movies and can watch all SVOD content free of charge across multiscreen.

FilmoTV customers can watch their paid content by stopping playback on one FilmoTV platform and then resuming playback on another.

The platformís recommendation engine Alfred recommends suggests a list of films based on actual viewing.