Indian MSO Hathway launches online TV service
Rebecca Hawkes
| 05 May 2014
A new video upload service termed H-tube has been unveiled by Indian multi-system operator (MSO) Hathway to provide subscribers the opportunity to watch their own videos on TV.

“H-tube is a part of our ongoing endeavor to connect with our customers in numerous ways. User-generated content for TV is an untapped source, which we would like to access and give a platform for exhibition. We hope this unleashes the latent creativity of our customers,” said Jagdish Kumar, managing director, Hathway Cable and Datacom.

“This is a first of its kind service in the world which fully exploits the synergies of the Hathway Broadband and Cable service. We are confident that being watched by a potential viewer base of 50 million TV viewers will add to the appeal of the product”.

Kunal Ramteke, head of broadband business at Hathway, added: “There is an inherent excitement for any viewer to watch himself on TV. The TV viewing behavior of customers is increasingly being shaped by technology. Our 50Mbps fibre broadband service and our large TV viewership provide the perfect combination for true democratization of TV. H-tube is an exciting platform for budding artists, housewives, students to showcase their talent and our role is to help them discover their inner artiste.”

Currently the service is only available to Hathway TV viewers in Maharasthtra, though it will soon be extended to subscribers across the country.