DIF, EBU, FAME present future of advanced media and UltraHD
Joseph O'Halloran
| 05 May 2014
The Digital Interoperability Forum (DIF), European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Forum for Advanced Media in Europe (FAME) are presenting a three-in-one forum for future TV, including 4KTV.

To be held from 4-6 June at the Ducal Palace, Lucca, Italy, the events include Fame UltraHD TV Roadmap Workshop, the annual National Conference of HD Forum Italy and the 11th European Digital Forum. DIF, EBU and FAME call the events a "unique platform of meetings", with the aim of linking up in the name of competitiveness and progress all projects, companies, and European and national institutions.

The events are intended for device manufacturers, platform operators, software and middleware vendors, applications developers and broadcasters engaged in advanced media, and their relevant industry associations, to share knowledge and experience that will support the successful, industry-led introduction of these services in Europe.

The objective of FAME’s work is to consider UltraHD TV in an end-to-end chain approach encompassing production, distribution and the consumer domain. FAME’s primary focus is on technology issues, including those related to content protection and management and it says that it aims to reach a voluntary consensus on advanced media experiences issues concerning interoperability and standardisation.

With the growing interest in UltraHD and TV sets already being sold, in July 2013 FAME began a process of analysing and promoting the resolution of the technical issues and the key elements for the successful launch of UltraHDservices in Europe. FAME will plot a course for UltraHD to share knowledge and experience across Europe that will help to deliver the benefits of the future of television to the European public and industry alike.

In a theme that will be explored at the conference in Lucca, the company cautions that the successful introduction of UltraHD TV in Europe will depend on investment for more devices, platforms, network capacity and content. The FAME UltraHD TV Roadmap Workshop will bring together senior industry executives from all parts of the media value chain, which will present their vision on the introduction of 4K/UltraHD TV in Europe. Participants will be strongly invited to enjoy the UltraHD TV experience.

"HD Forum Italyis honoured to be able to hold its annual conference in conjunction with The European Digital Forum in Lucca and to welcome their European body of reference, such is FAME” commenyted Benito Manlio Mari, President of HD Forum Italy, ”the three events are connected by a leitmotiv: "The (tele) visions that will come" where the ingredients are the Ultra HD, a multi-platform audio-visual technology tailored to the expectations of users and a content industry that can enhance the highest quality of audio-visual production of all Member States of the European Union".

"We are very proud and happy to arrange a FAMEmeeting in Lucca,” said Sheila Cassells, Executive Director of DIF and co- president of FAME, “not only for the beauty of the city and the Palazo Ducale, but also for the high reputation that accompanies the Digital Forum throughout Europe. The Workshop on Ultra HD TV will be a crucial opportunity to introduce this new and exciting consumer experience in the near future, due to the large contribution of experts in the leading industry that are arriving from all over Europe".

"We are really happy to be able to present an agenda so rich and extraordinary for insights and speakers,” added Andrea Michelozzi, President of Comunicare Digitale and Chairman of the European Digital Forum, “to be able to convey to Lucca 89 top speakers is a great reason of pride and prestige. The work shared with HD Forum Italy and Famehas produced a result widely appreciated throughout the digital community. The "great beauty" of an experience like this is made by the networking shared and the programme achieved; that once again, we are confident, it will produce great results and future projects".

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The Forum Lucca 2014 programme is available at www.comunicaredigitale.it and further information on the three events can be found at www.forumeuropeo.tv