BlackArrow to support Nielsen's VOD ratings
Michelle Clancy
| 06 May 2014
BlackArrow has announced a turnkey solution for automating the workflows and operations required to implement Nielsen's On-Demand Commercial Ratings (ODCR).

As it stands, programme minutes that contain national commercials are averaged together and aggregated for up to seven days of viewing. The majority of existing national advertising deals include up to three days of viewing contribution (also known as C3). The ODCR technology allows for current commercial loads to be inserted into older episodes of the same programme on-demand, extending the opportunity to monetise older content.

Nielsen completed a technical test with Comcast in late 2013 and is now working to bring ODCR to market. Working within the existing linear television landscape, ODCR enables content owners, distributors and advertisers to better leverage advertising opportunities inherent in time-shifted content.

BlackArrow's dynamic ad insertion technology allows for commercials to be managed and inserted into the appropriate, qualified programming. It's built into BlackArrow's existing platform, provides a proven solution to support the scale required for a successful, national implementation if adopted by the industry.

"VOD has quickly become a key platform for TV audiences especially for the viewing of prime time TV shows," said Dean McCormick at BlackArrow. "BlackArrow's support of Nielsen's ODCR provides our customers another valuable solution in their efforts to build a sustainable on-demand TV business model for themselves and their affiliates."

"At a time when consumers expect content to be available on multiple screens whenever they want it, Nielsen is developing solutions to help our clients further monetise their content and maximise the value of their business models," said Brian Fuhrer, senior vice president at Nielsen. "BlackArrow works closely with many of our clients to extend the value of their content." inShare0