Colombian teens prefer pay-TV
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 06 May 2014
Colombia's pay-TV is on the rise, with a 4% larger share in Q1 2014 than in the same period last year, and these figures point to a particularly strong growth among teenagers, with 55.8% preferring pay-TV over free-to-air (FTA).

According to the latest report from the Latin American Multichannel Advertising Council (LAMAC), 47.8% of Colombians prefer to watch pay-TV. While this figure represents a 4% growth, the number of teenagers prefering to watch pay-TV represents a 16.5% increase compared to Q1 2013.

The time youngsters spend in front of TV has also increased from a daily average of two hours 32 minutes in 2013 to two hours 47 minutes in the first months of 2014. The trend is especially noticeable during the weekends, when young viewers watch pay-TV for three hours and 11 minutes on average per day.

LAMAC's report is not the only one pointing to this preference. According to Target Group Index (TGI), 97% of teenagers have watched at least one pay-TV channel in the last week, preferring genres like action, adventure, horror and sport.

"These figures point to the youngsters looking for variety and quality content responding to their interests," said Mimi López, LAMAC's country manager in Colombia.