4G networks could jam Spanish DTT
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 06 May 2014
On the first day of the freeing up of spectrum in Spain there has already been problems. Following the closure of nine DTT channels to free up more slots for LTE, the telecom's national federation Fecotel says that 4G will interfere with the reception of DTT.

The country's telcos, which were looking forward to having more space for high speed mobile data networks, haven't started LTE deployment through the freed-up space yet, but Fernandez Flores, Fecotel's coordinator, told Europa Press that there will be interference to DTT and every user will have to readjust their reception device in order to get a clear TV signal.

"It's highly probable that we are not going to see TV if we are using mobile 4G data or vice-versa," said Flores. According to him, it's impossible to know how it's going to affect each home, although he expects all the details to be clarified when the government publishes its public frequencies plan.

Today (6 May) saw nine TV DTT channels disappear in Spain, following a Supreme Tribunal ruling that the bidding process was not carried out correctly. This decision fitted with the government's plans to have more space for mobile networks in the same spectrum as DTT.