Costa Rica starts digital broadcasting
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 06 May 2014
After several delays, Costa Rica's DTT is finally working, with Canal 13 already broadcasting using the Brazilian-Japanese standard ISDB-Tb, and three new digital channels expected to air this month.

The DTT deployment was scheduled to begin in July last year, but several technical issues postponed the launch. The country's president, Laura Chinchilla, signed a decree last week authorising Canal 13 to start broadcasting.

"It will mean a change for the TV industry in Costa Rica, and will bring several benefits to viewers as soon as they can use all the services available through the new standard," Rodrigo Arias, president of the national radio and TV company, told EFE.

The only broadcasting centre operating so far has been set up by Japan and is installed in the Iraz˙ volcano, in the centre of the country. According to the government, the ISDB-Tb standard is the best option for the country due to the signal stability. The Brazilian standard is used in nearly all Latin American countries, although Colombia has chosen the European standard.

Costa Rica's analogue switch-off is scheduled for 2017. In order to deploy the equipment needed in three years, the government is said to be studying how to finance the purchase of DTT set-top boxes