TiVo: Mums in charge in the living room
Michelle Clancy
| 06 May 2014
According to TiVo's annual Mother's Day survey, when the family watches television together it's usually mum controlling the remote control by a 41% to 24% margin over dads.

And while computers are playing a bigger role in the family dynamic, the survey found that families still fight over control of the remote more than they fight over control of the family laptop, by a differential of 53.1% to 24.9%.

TiVo's survey also discovered that more than two-thirds (67.2%) of US mums have a DVR in their home, making the technology the third device they cannot live without, behind mobile phones and laptops.

Half (50%) of mums surveyed said their children know how to use their DVR better than they do. And, more than half (50.9%) said if they had their family DVR to themselves for a week, they would most likely use it to catch up on their own recorded TV shows. But with a free hour while the kids watch their favourite TV show, one-third of mums said they would use the time to catch up on housework (31.5%), ahead of reading (14.9%).

And when it comes to content, the Big Bang Theory emerged as the top show that respondents said their whole family enjoys watching together (22.5%), followed by American Idol (16.6%) and Modern Family (11.8%).

That said, cooking reality shows retained their top spot for mums on their own, with shows like Top Chef being the most popular among 35% of moms polled both to watch and participate in. One-third of the mums in the survey named Bobby Flay as their most wanted in-home personal chef from Food Network.