Telenet introduces service policy for purchased decoders

May 6, 2014 12.34 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Telenet STBsTelenet is launching a service policy for purchased Digicorders, Digiboxes and CI+ modules (“TV with a Card”) with immediate effect.

The company undertakes to guarantee the basic digital television services that are provided on these purchased decoders for a period of five years. With this, Telenet is responding to reactions from customers following the announced discontinuation of support of SD decoders on September 2, 2014. The new service policy is applicable to all TV decoders sold by Telenet that are currently available in the market, or that will be launched onto the market in the future.

With this service commitment, Telenet aims to guarantee that the services of digital television that are provided with any purchased decoder will be available for at least five years, with no extra cost. In the event of a technological innovation being introduced during this period, with the result that a certain category of Digiboxes or Digicorders would no longer function, Telenet plans to provide an alternative by making a corresponding decoder available to the customer for the remaining term of the remaining period. At the end of the period during which the decoder is made available free of charge, the customer will return to the rental rate that is applicable at the time. After this period, the customer can, of course, also simply return his decoder to an authorised Telenet Service Center.

This service policy comes into force retroactively on April 2, 2014 and applies to customers who are using a Digicorder or Digibox that was purchased and activated from April 2, 2009 onwards. To calculate the effective period that a new Digicorder or Digibox will be made available free of charge, the initial purchase date will apply. Telenet will put a new decoder at the disposal of the customer until the end of the remaining period after purchase from Telenet.

Because the technology continues to evolve rapidly, Telenet still advises its customers to rent either Digicorders or Digiboxes.

“When we announced the discontinuation of our SD decoders early in April, we received major feedback from our customers. Customers who had purchased a Digibox or Digicorder in recent years had the feeling they were being left out in the cold, and that Telenet did not understand their problem,” said Inge Smidts, SVP Residential Marketing in a statement.

“We listened to these customers. With our new service commitment, we aim to offer a structured solution and provide more transparency about the length of time over which a customer can enjoy the basic digital TV services. That’s the deal we are now making with our customers. In this context, I would also like to thank Test-Aankoop for their constructive attitude with regard to the development of our new service policy.