EVS provides workflow for Peru's public TV
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 07 May 2014
TV Peru, the country's public network, has selected a file-based workflow from EVS for its wide-ranging news, entertainment and cultural programming. The company has implemented a system based on its XS production server for studio applications.

The EVS' four-channel XS server facilitates TV Peru's migration to HD by playing out in high definition and down converting second channels to standard definition until its migration to HD is complete.

"The speed and reliability of our new tapeless workflow from EVS makes a difference in our day-to-day operations and programming quality," said Cesar Otero, technical director at TV Peru. "The connection between different areas of our workflow and administrator and quality control management access make for a more fluid system."

The XS server can be managed by a range of EVS hardware and software controllers adapted to all types of production workflows, as well as third-party tools such as automation systems, linear or hybrid editors, switchers and controllers. XS can also emulate tape machines, eliminating the need for playback equipment and editing recorders.

"An efficient and reliable tapeless workflow frees up more time for creativity, enabling TV Peru to focus on delivering a better end product," said Benjamin Mariage, vice president sales for Latin America at EVS.

The new workflow also includes XTAccess, EVS' gateway software that facilitates media interchange with third-party tools and creates low-resolution versions of all clips, which are stored on a near-line system and available for browsing through an IP connection.