Com Hem sets out its priorities

May 7, 2014 10.37 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul, Delivering TV from the Cloud, Stockholm

Henri CaddeoAlthough Com Hem is more interested in HEVC than 4K, both are definitely on its road map, according to Henri Caddeo, the operatorís CTO.

Speaking in a briefing on delivering TV from the Cloud in the Nordics and Baltic Republics, organised by Broadband TV News and SeaChange in Stockholm, he added that in the case of HEVC, Com Hem was looking at indoor consumption using wireless technology, which would use less bandwidth to offer the same quality.

Speaking about TiVo, Caddeo added Netflix has performed substantially better on its platform than any other in Sweden.

He also said that Com Hem was strengthening its multiscreen offer by extending TiVoToGo, with its ambition being to have a fully transparent offer everywhere.

Regarding the cloud, he said that the movement to it was being undertaken technically for speed, with a new set-top box taking up to a year to launch.

However, the main reason was to move from a 80/20 hardware to software CAPEX ratio to the other way round.