Canal Digital falls continue

May 7, 2014 11.24 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Canal Digital dish installCanal Digital is continuing to suffer subscriber erosion while maintaining revenues from its existing base.

9,000 DTH subscribers fell in the first quarter, taking the installed base to 920,000. Norway and Denmark suffered the biggest losses, going from 485,000 to 477,000 and 94,000 to 86,000 respectively. Sweden stands at 306,000 (305,000) and Finland stable at 52,000.

A 0.7% increase was largely due to currency gains.

EBITDA within parent Telenorís Broadcast division grew by 8% to NOK 513 million.

The company received a gain of NOK 1.2 billion from the divestment of security business Conax on March 26.