ADB upgrades Graphyne user experience
Michelle Clancy
| 08 May 2014
ADB has upgraded its user experience framework, Graphyne UX, and has launched Graphyne TV, a bundled offering.

The latest version of Graphyne UX features a global search function and personalisation at the subscriber level with the integration of user lists, micro-banners and parental locking synchronised across all the screens in the home. Service providers can also customise the Graphyne user experience to match their branding and tailor their deployment to closely match their available network services.

The new version also features profiles that are designed to support different user devices and applications, from HDMI sticks to multi-room servers.

Graphyne TV features the Graphyne UX and ADB's UnifyTV, the recently launched application environment that provides a 'write once, run anywhere' set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for the development of multiscreen services, thanks to HTML5 support. It supports linear TV, DVR, on-demand, multi-room/multiscreen and over-the-top (OTT). A light version of Graphyne TV supports ADB's entry-level and legacy set-top boxes. It also has support for standalone devices for those operators who are not yet ready for multiscreen.

By combining the Graphyne UX with UnifyTV, operators have access to UnifyTV's multi-tier Software Development Kit (SDK) to build additional multiscreen applications and services, with the option of making them cloud-based.

Operators also have the option to deploy Graphyne TV integrated with ADB's Epicentro PMP, so they can remotely manage devices on the home network, using the TR-069 protocol, with a view to fixing any issues before the subscriber notices.

"Demonstrating pent-up demand for a radical rethink of TV interfaces, Graphyne received a rapturous welcome at IBC last year," said Peter Balchin, CEO at ADB. "Since then, we have been incorporating feedback and suggestions from service providers, while honing the software to deliver enhanced performance, personalisation and customisation. But the icing on the cake is a stylish interface that makes subscribers eager to start using the service." inShare1