Polish digitisation assessed

May 8, 2014 10.45 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

TVN Spring 2011 promoCommercial broadcasters have been the biggest winners in Polandís transition to digital broadcasting, at least in terms of coverage.

According to the Ministry of Administration and Digitisation of Poland (MAiC), prior to the transition, which was completed last year, the four main commercial broadcasters (Polsat, TVN, TV Puls and TV4) reached anything between 25% and 86% of the population.

Today, using the second multiplex (MUX-2), that figure stands at 98.5%. MUX-2 also distributes TVN7, Puls 2, TV6 and Polsat Sport.

At the same time, the first multiplex (MUX-1) contains a number of commercial stations that were previously not available to viewers.

These are Eska TV, TTV, Polo TV, ATM Rozrywka, TV Trwam, TVP ABC, Stopklataka and Fokus TV and all reach 98.6% of the population.

As for public broadcasting, the flagship channel TVP1 reached 98.7% and regional station only 71% prior to digitisation.

Now TVPís TVP1HD, TVP2 HD, TVP Info, TVP Kultura, TVP Polonia, TVP Historia and TVP Rozrywka reach 99.5% of the population via the third multiplex (MUX-3).

At the same time, TVPís regional programmes are now accessible to at least 98% of the population.