UK tops online video viewability league

Joseph O'Halloran | 09 May 2014

With the country fast becoming a hot spot for online video, the UK is performing best for programmatic video viewability according to the latest TubeMogul Quarterly Update.

The online video advertising platform provider's survey analysed worldwide inventory data from October 2013 through March 2014, examining trends and changes in inventory, viewability rates and the average cost-per-minute by ad format.

Overall, UK viewability rates averaged 43% in Q1 2014, the highest rate worldwide, and 7% higher than the global average. This, said TubeMogul, reflects both the increased adoption of viewability measurement tools as well as publishers embracing programmatic technology. Pre-roll inventory grew 118% from Q4 2013 to Q1 2014. Mobile inventory was found to have grown 154% over that same time, meaning that the UK was the only region with triple-digit growth in both inventory types and said the company indicating a growing recognition of programmatic benefits for marketers with branding objectives.

Available desktop pre-roll auctions increased 118% quarter-over-quarter, the largest growth worldwide, indicating mutual realisation of programmatic value amongst both media buyers and premium publishers. Mobile inventory outpaced pre-roll inventory growth, jumping 154% to over 67 million average auctions in Q1. Pre-roll ads had the lowest cost-per-minute of any ad format, falling 47% to 0.025 in Q1. Along with pre-roll, both connected TV and mobile ad formats saw cost-per-minute decreases quarter-over-quarter, which is regarded as good news for marketers looking to reach viewers across multiple screens.

Available pre-roll inventory in the UK increased 118% quarter-over-quarter, vaulting from an average 162 million auctions in Q4 2013 to an average 356 million auctions in Q1 2014. This was spurred by a 400% increase in Tier 2 inventory, which jumped from an average 25 million auctions in Q4 to nearly 125 million auctions in Q1; Tier 1 inventory increased 18% over the same period. As the UK's programmatic adoption accelerates, TubeMogul expect that premium publishers will open more of their inventory to automation.

As advertisers continue to optimise for viewability, TubeMogul predicts that viewability rates for both ad exchange/SSP and programmatic direct inventory will increase.