CenturyLink adds 24K IPTV subs for Q1

Michelle Clancy | 09 May 2014

No 3 US telco CenturyLink has added 24,000 Prism TV customers and 66,000 high speed data customers in the first quarter of 2013.

Prism TV now has nearly 200,000 customers and more than six million high speed Internet customers. The carrier said that it plans Prism TV at 300,000 addressable homes in 2014.

Revenue came in $4.11 billion and operating revenues were up slightly to $4.54 billion, from $4.51 billion year-over-year.

"We expect to continue to invest in our high speed Internet and Prism TV capabilities with plans to continue to push fibre into our network and add approximately 300,000 Prism TV addressable homes in 2014," president and CEO Glen Post said in a briefing with analysts.

The company's revenue growth was primarily a result of growth in "strategic and data integration revenue," partially offset by "lower legacy revenues due to access line losses and lower minutes of use," explained CFO Stewart Ewing.